Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A New Chapter

Today is the first day of school for the '09-'10 school year. Abby is in the 4th grade and Amber is in 1st. We were blessed with great teachers, and both girls are excited. Henry still takes them in the mornings, but they will be riding the bus home, in the afternoons. This has the makings for a fantastic year.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Y-E-S to VBS!!!

I have been busy with Vacation Bible School prep for the past several weeks. The week finally arrived and tonight is our last night of riding waves on Outrigger Island. It has been a wonderful week, with an average attendance of 30 kids! God is good! Lord willing this will have been an instrument of growth for our church. In a few weeks the girls will start dance classes. They will both be taking tap, jazz, ballet and hip-hop. They are so excited. School will start before you know it and I'll be busy working. Better enjoy the summer while it lasts.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vacation Has Arrived!!!!

I've been horrible about blogging! It's not that my life is boring. It's anything, but! I think my problem is that I have so many thoughts, jumbled all together, that I can't put them into words. This life (ministry) is a pretty hilly roller coaster to be on. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I don't. Thank God He is there on that coaster with me... otherwise, I'm afraid I'd fall off, or atleast be pretty scared all the time.

This week things are coming to a slow crawl. It will be a conscious effort to make it so! We are leaving today for vacation. Our first goal is Savannah, GA. We plan to eat at Paula Dean's restaurant tomorrow then travel on toward our ultimate goal Long Boat Key, FL. We can check in there on Saturday. After that it's chillin' on the beach til the next Saturday! YAH! One week of pure relaxation!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We have some pretty excited girls at our house right now. Henry and I just purchased Miley Cyrus Concert tickets. It's not til November, but I'm thinking it will be worth the wait. I know what the topic of conversation will be for the next few months.... and after. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Day of Our Summer

Well, you can tell that school is out! Man, it's loud and busy around here this morning. I'm happy to report that Abby is doing okay after her tumble. Her little face looks beat up, but atleast that will heal. We're working around the house today, hopefully making the big move. Amber is halfway moved into her new room, and I have Henry's muscles around today to help me do the big things. Looking forward to tomorrow. We're planning on spending the whole day with Amber celebrating. First we'll stop at Monkey-Joes, then Chickfila and finally the pool. Lovin' Summer!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's pourin' again!

Progress on my "project" is coming along. I started on the office yesterday, but got interrupted when my helper (Abby) decided to turn a cartwheel in the garage and proceded to land on her face. After a trip to the urgent care, progress came to a halt. My nerves were so tore up I could hardly function. She's okay. The huge goose-egg is just a puffy bruise now, and her face is scraped, but healing nicely. Let's hope she sticks to the grass for future gymnastic attempts.

We are finished with awards for the year. Yesterday Abby raked in quite a few. One I am particularly proud of is the one for keeping A-B Honor Roll all year! She actually got A honor roll this last 6 weeks!!! Amber was terrific kid this month. This was a long time coming! After our horrible start to the year, she has really come around. She loves school now, and I just pray that this attitude continues when first grade rolls around.

Amber's birthday is Friday. We've already been celebrating with her school friends and my side of the family. I can't believe she is 6! We're going to try Monkey Joe's for the first time for her actual birthday.

Today I will begin again on my project. You just never know how much stuff you've got until you start emptying out a room. Lord, give me strength to accomplish something, and patience to not give up when the going gets tough. LOL

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's a start...

Started in the garage today. Man, what a bunch of stuff! I really need to clean out some boxes and get rid of some stuff, but these girls are ready for the big switch-a-roo. No time for tedious stuff. :) Now there is a place for the stuff in the office. Guess I'll have start there Saturday. Tomorrow we're having a little party for Amber at the park. Her actual birthday isn't until next Friday, but she wanted to invite the kids from her class and I thought this might help the attendance. She is really excited, and so am I. I can't believe she'll be 6 in a week! WOW! Time flies.